Learn More About Sell to Foundation

Sell to Foundation’s mission is to make it as convenient as possible to sell your car for cash, or to trade in your used car and apply the value towards a new purchase or as a down payment through a Foundation Auto Colorado dealership. Sell to Foundation is a proud member of Foundation Auto Colorado, whose long commitment to excellent customer service and going the extra mile have earned them a reputation as the preferred Colorado auto dealer. So whether you just want to sell your car in Denver for cash, or trade it in towards a new car through one of Foundation Auto Colorado’s dealerships, we’ve got you covered.

Simply use our online appraisal tool to take the first step in selling your car online. Enter some basic information about your vehicle’s make, model, year, and trim or VIN, and get a real offer, fast. Our salespeople will connect with you, and since they’re non-commissioned, you know you’ll be dealing with a team whose goal is just to offer you great service.

We want you to get paid fast, and we have the most competitive offers and a buying process tailor-made to ensure you enjoy a quick, easy selling experience. Whether you need cash right now or just want to see what the value of your trade-in might be, Sell to Foundation will help.